Perpetua – Stainless Steel Impact Bonded Fry Pan (22 cm)

Perpetua – Stainless Steel Impact Bonded Fry Pan (22 cm)

Code: FG002072

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Perpetua – Magic of molecular fusion!

Kitchen Essentials Perpetua series brings you cookware crafted with the magic of molecular fusion – an investment that stays scratch-free and lustrous for a long time. A step above the standard steel pots and pans, this cookware is a budget-friendly alternative that can withstand high temperatures, constant contact with water, and the passage of time.

Constructed using 3 different layers of stainless steel and aluminium, each cookware in the Perpetua series is forged under 1600 tonnes of pressure, creating a strong base that works efficiently on gas, induction, and other hobs. The design affords high seamless thermal conductivity in each cooking experience and cuts down cooking times, energy costs and the risks of burning food.



  • Unique impact forged bottom
  • Gas, Induction & all Hobs Compatible
  • Soft touch handles
  • Even heat distribution
  • Energy saver
  • Guarantee – 5 Years


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