Hard Anodised Kalash Inner Lid Pressure Cooker (Non IB) -5L


With a large, heavy bottom, the unique design of these pressure cookers ensures thorough cooking without any scorching. The design offers stability and ensures that the cooker sits sturdily on cooktops, reducing the risks of accidents and minimum spillage. The Kalash shape ensures a quick transfer of heat across the surface, cooking the food evenly. These will make for an aesthetic addition to your kitchens. Pressure cook, braise, boil, stew, or poach – the Kalash Pressure Cookers are the ideal fit for all your cooking whimsies.

Lightweight and stylish, Kitchen Essentials’ Kalash range of Inner Lid Pressure Cookers is a safe and durable investment for your modern kitchens. The design of these Pressure Cookers ensures that the lid is locked securely in place while cooking.

With a sleek outer body, ergonomic design, and food-grade materials, Kitchen Essentials brings you Pressure Cookers of unmatched style and unbeatable quality. Built to last and finessed to perfection, they are the perfect addition to a utilitarian kitchen.

These Pressure Cookers are built keeping in mind the dynamic demands of contemporary kitchens. These ergonomic designs are easy to handle for both experienced professionals and amateur home cooks.



  • Made from 303 vent tube
  • Aluminium pressure die-cast handle bracket with unbreakable fixed pivot.
  • Food grade stainless steel lid
  • Long lasting gasket
  • Improved pressure regulator
  • Hard anodised handle bar
  • Shielded safety valve
  • Stay cool handle


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